Золото Au - 3193,33 руб/гр.
Серебро Ag - 38,5 руб/гр.
Платина Pt - 1994,57 руб/гр.
Палладий Pd - 3299,53 руб/гр.

This Sweet Word «Investment»


Investment - is when the profitability and liquidity in a single product. It is important to choose the right produkt. Experts «Petersburg‘s Gem» company analyzed the growth of world prices for semi-precious colored stones between 1990 and 2015. The figures presented in the table, from which it follows that all kinds of stones increased during this period as low as 5 to 20 times, and the average growth in the sample amounted to 1 200%!  The main groups of reasons for such a high growth two:

1) the hurricane rise in price of high-grade raw materials due to the limited and irreplaceable reserves, local character of deposits, high labor intensity and low profitability of production, very low yield of high-grade material;

2) a rapid increase intelligibility of the consumer, tired of primitiveness «of jewelry inserts» and marketing «wrappers.»

Gems with outstanding features getting more expensive even faster. Stones with standard mass production of poor quality cut, so-called «fashion insert», almost no rise in value irrespective of the material grade. It should be noted that by 2000 the price of GEM-quality stones in Russia caught up with world, with the obvious superiority of the Russian cut.

The researchers collected Internet data on the dynamics of prices for the most popular investment products and an increase in the cost of living in Russia for 1990-2015 years and compared them with the prices of the so-called «semi-precious» GEM-quality stones. The result was a chart with very obvious investment attractiveness of jewels yield position. For 25 years - absolutely steady growth for absolutely objective reasons!

As of liquidity, without which any costs are not investments: the best way to ensure your gemstone a solid liquidity - is to «build» not expensive exclusive jewelry piece with it. «Chip» is that the cost of just the «right» stone, caught in a good quality piece, instantly doubles, triples, even if the piece is not unique on the artistic merit! Sale of such jewelry by retail store will always be profitable.

And finally, security of investment - an investment in your knowledge of the stone, as an object of great aesthetic and only then have economic potential.

The original information collected by «Peter Gem» company refers to the stones with quality exclusive cut, the «average» color options, high purity, and the most popular sizes for use in jewelry. The value of these stones is dependent only on their beauty and durability, and the quality is determined by the objective characteristics: color, clarity, cut, carat weight. Such stones GEM-quality Peter Gem company supplies for over 20 years. n 

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