Золото Au - 3193,33 руб/гр.
Серебро Ag - 38,5 руб/гр.
Платина Pt - 1994,57 руб/гр.
Палладий Pd - 3299,53 руб/гр.

The unprecedented success of Russian design


Winner of the Russian Line Award became the absolute winner of the prestigious world competition

In March in Hong Kong were announced the results of global International Jewellery Design Excellence Award-2015*, during which were examined 191 pieces from 31 countries. From Russia at this competition were winners of the Russian Line Jewellery Award-2014** held by the Jewellery Review Magazine

Grand Prix and the title of Champion of Champions got the ring Existence by Almaz-Holding company (the artist Anna Teplinskaya, designer Timofey Teplinsky). This victory is unprecedented because for the first time in the IJDEA's history the best piece at the same time became the winner in the second most important category - The aesthetic impression.

Speaking of this masterpiece, the Chairman of the jury Lawrence Ma stressed his conceptual, which is now coming to the fore in jewelry design. In piece-laureate can be seen an evergreen tree of life and a comet, that once brought it to the Earth, and yet - masterfully played up the idea of living stone girth hands. Eyes feel as if the whole structure is pulsating like a heart. Anna eplinskaya says: "I think that I, as the author of piece, was almost impossible ... Ring Existence demanded that I concentrate all life force. The image of the exclusive jewelry often comes from the gem, and the ring Existence is no exception. We used a unique top-notch fantasy tourmaline and diamonds arranged in such a way as to emphasize the greatness and the unusual shape of the central gem.

The victory of the more honorable that International Jewellery Design Excellence Award is a "Competition among Competitions": it involved the winners of national and regional contests. Hence the title of the Grand Prix - "Champion of Champions". Very competent jury of IJDEA, which included Lawrence Ma, Chairman of HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show-2015 Fair Organising Committee; Roberto Coin, President and Owner of Roberto Coin S.P.A. from Italy; Carina Lau, International-renowned Award Winning Actress; Benjamin Chau, HKTDC Deputy Executive Director; Sarah Sevier, Head of Buying & Brand Development of Victoria and Albert Museum from the United Kingdom; Juliet WEIR-de La Rochefoucauld F.G.A., Jewellery writer from France; Louisa Lo, Associate Director and Client Advisory of Christie’s China; and Barney Cheng, Couture Designer of Yenrabi LTD.

In the category "Innovative and unique design" declared the winner of the necklace Motion by designer Natalie Fung Yin Ling from Hong Kong, in the category "Craftmanship" - ring Empire by Michael Veggenmann from Germany. Honorary Prize "for outstanding design" was awarded the ring-transformer Russian Seasons by designer Anna Dmitrieva from Kiev, working in the Moscow company Elton. Ring Ancient Charm of Mountain (Ksidong Kai, China), necklaces Sakura (Kazuyo Ishikawa, Japan) Ring Reflection (Seyed Mohammad Mortazavi, Iran), the ring Air (Mivako Yokota, Japan). The uniqueness of the situation and the fact that for the first time in the "Big Eight" were two representatives of one region and one competition – the Russian Line. Prizes "for excellent design" got 4 more decorations - from Italy, Turkey, China and Iran.

Pieces-laureates were exhibited in a special display case in the main foyer of the exhibition center, and the displays in the non-stop spinning frames the inaugural ceremony, the words of the jury'smembers about the merits of the masterpieces of world class jewelry. And, of course, at the focus of the world's leading fair these days were perfect creations of jewelry.

On March 5 evening took part a grand party in honor of the International Jewellery Design Excellence Award's winners. The Jewellery Gala Dinner, which was under the theme “Royal Retreat”,was attended by the Secretary of the Department of Economy and Trade Gregory So and other leaders of the Trade Development Council of Hong Kong, many celebrities.

 *The biennial IJDE Award creates a platform to honour creative and eminent jewellery designers from around the world, and provides an opportunity for international jewellery designers to exchange experiences, expertise and craftsmanship in competing for the highest honour – Champion of the Champions.

 **Moscow Jewellery Design Competition "Russian Line" established by Jewellery Review Magazine in 2008. It is also an international "Competition of competitions": the participation in it allowed pieces become diplomas of various contests in the past two years. Geography of Russian Line knows no borders: it is open to for the best pieces of jewelry, created in Russia.